I finally found someone with a worse skin problem than what I ever had!
(And no, I don't mean my wife who is also in the picture!)

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Tapio Keihänen
Kivipyykintie 1 A 3
FIN-00710 Helsinki
Mobile phone: Ask by e-mail, no prank calls please

E-mail: dio@iki.fi

My life's filled up with my wife Elina, our three daughters Salla (born on April 24th, 2003), Mira and Sini (twins, released to the public on May 28th, 2005) and our cat Myy. A big part of my life goes to my main hobby, administrating my Ronnie James Dio pages. I'm collecting rare recordings from Ronnie - if you think you can help me with that, please check out my wants lists! I ride my bicycle actively, sometimes with all the kids too! I've also got an antique Fiat 600 car to restore - some old photos of it can be seen here.

I'm working as a project manager at an international data security company, F-Secure Corporation.

I've noticed that I try to generate lists of all the records I have (and what I don't have yet), all the movies I've seen and all the concerts I've attended. If, for some strange reason, you want to see those lists as well, I've made a page where you can browse through them. As roughly 97.898% of the Internet users, I've also created a link list of pages I frequently visit.

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