Sometimes it's hard to know where to place a vinyl single, a 12" single or a CD single. To which album does it belong? The easy ones is of course the ones that were released as promotion for a forthcoming album, or singles from an album just released. For example, the vinyl single "Paranoid/The Wizard" was released in 1970. It does belong to the album "Paranoid", so that's easy to find on this site. But what about the single "Paranoid/Evil Woman", released in 1977 and in 1983? Does it belong to the Paranoid album, to the Black Sabbath album, or even to promote a collection album?

To be able to find where a single belongs, I have made a rule that should help to find the single you are looking for.  A single is always placed next to the album where the a-side of the single comes from. For example, the single "Wicked World/Iron Man" is placed next to the "Black Sabbath" album, even though the b-side belongs to the "Paranoid" album. A single with two or more tracks on the a-side and they come from different albums, is placed next to "Collections". A single that has both Black Sabbath songs and other artists songs is placed next to "Various Artists".

When it comes to 12" singles and CD singles, they are always 1) put next to the album they promote or in the 2) "Other Collection" selection.

I consider some singles, CDs and LPs as counterfeits. Items from the following countries are considered as counterfeits: Malaysia, Poland, Thailand and USSR. Some items from Korea and Singapore are "legal" and some are "illegal".