Tribute and covers counterfeit CDs
HELL RULES: A tribute to Black Sabbath
  1. Argent Steel: Sweet Leaf
  2. Hostile Intent: Electric Funeral
  3. Coffin Texts: Disturbing The Priest
  4. Steel Prophet: Neon Knights
  5. Society I: Who Are You
  6. Division: Heaven and Hell
  7. Hate Theory: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  8. Infamy: Cornucopia
  9. Blood Coven: N.I.B.
  10. Rise: Into The Void
  11. Debauchery: Paranoid
  12. Tyrant: Children Of The Grave
  • Dwell Records, CD-1016, Ukraine, 1999

      - With 5 extra songs

  • NATIVITY IN BLACK II: A tribute to Black Sabbath
    1. Godsmack: Sweet Leaf
    2. Machine Head: Hole In The Sky
    3. Static-X: Behind The Wall Of Sleep
    4. Megadeth: Never Say Die
    5. System Of A Down: Snowblind
    6. Pantera: Electric Funeral
    7. Primus with Ozzy: N.I.B.
    8. Slayer: Hand Of Doom
    9. Soulfly: Under The Sun
    10. Hed (PE): Sabbra Cadabra
    11. Monster Magnet: Into The Void
    12. Busta Rhymes: Iron Man (This Means War)
  • Divine Recordings/Priority Records, BG-R-0244, China, 2000