Various Artists Vinyl Box Sets

Side 1:

  1. Gravenites & Bloomfied: Swing With It
  2. Gravenites & Bloomfield: Make The Headlines
  3. Deep Purple: Hard Road (Wring That Neck)
  4. Little Richard: Mockinbird Sally
  5. Captain Beefheart: Too Much Time
  6. Captain Beefheart: Golden Birdies

Side 2:

  1. Jesse Winchester: North Star
  2. Jesse Winchester: Do It
  3. Incredible String Band: Y Father As A Lighthouse
  4. Black Sabbath: St. Vitus Dance
  5. Black Sabbath: Tomorrow's Dream
  6. Malo: Hela

Side 3:

  1. Christopher Milk: The Locomotion
  2. Christopher Milk: The Tough Kids
  3. The Section: Thing What Is
  4. Stoneground: You Better Come Through
  5. Memphis Slim: You're The One
  6. Dick Heckstall Smith: Future Song

Side 4:

  1. Wet Willie: Airport
  2. Gordon Lighfoot: Same Old Obsession
  3. Doug Kershaw: Super Cowboy
  4. Norman Greenbaum: Grade A Barn
  5. Norman Greenbaum: Japanese Silky
  6. Mason Proffit: Better Fing Jesus

Side 5:

  1. Excerpts From "Marjoe" Soundtrack
  2. The Mystic Moods Orchestra: Electric Music And The Summer People
  3. The Mystic Moods Orchestra: Rain
  4. Excerpts From "The Electric Company"
  5. The San Sebastian Strings: a) A Fist Full Of Snow b) Reprise

Side 6:

  1. Ry Cooder: Boomer's Story
  2. John Simon: The Real Woodstock Rag
  3. John Simon: Open Up Summertime
  4. Dion: Jennifer Knew
  5. John Hartford: Bye Bye Bye
  • Warner Brothers, PRO-542, USA, 1972

      - 3 LP promo vinyl box set. Available only in USA by mail order only.